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An Appeal for Doctor Strange’s Marriage

It is no secret that fans of Dr. Strange are feeling quite unnerved by the way the character has been written in current comics.  Seemingly out of no where, Dr. Strange fell from grace, and not just from his title … Continue reading

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“Real” Geek Girl vs “Fake” Geek Girl?

Why does it matter? It doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does.  A popular topic among femme nerdsters recently is the treatment of female geeks/nerds, self proclaimed or not, especially at conventions.  One debate is whether or … Continue reading

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Doctor Strange & Clea

One of my favorite comic book characters is Doctor Strange.  No, I’m not talking about Doctor Strangelove and I am certainly not talking about Doctor Who (no offense to any Whovians out there).  I have met a surprising amount of … Continue reading

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