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My Mother’s Health, and a Small Origin Story

My mother has been diagnosed, partially, with necrotic liver abscesses.  The infection has been unresponsive to antibiotics, and the bacteria has been difficult to culture.  This is a painful and slow process for my mother as she goes on week … Continue reading

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Stop Telling Young Women to “Remain Pure”

What you are really saying when you suggest that women should wait until marriage to have sex because it keeps her “pure”: You’re worthless if you’ve had sex. You’re worthless even if the sex was forced on you.  Purity lost! You … Continue reading

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Gaming & Femininity

When it comes to participating in male dominated communities, there is one piece of advice I hear given to women time and time again that I must disagree with whole heartedly.  This advice comes from both men and women, and … Continue reading

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Why I write about feminism in nerd culture

I have received a lot of feedback, commentary, and inquiries about some of the subject matter regarding feminism.  Most of it has been positive and I have enjoyed the discussions I have had with some readers.  Occasionally I get asked … Continue reading

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Female Gamers: “Fake” Gamer Girls and Anti-Feminist Feminism

There are plenty of images and memes circulating social media circuits depicting a girl wearing a Nintendo shirt or holding an X-box controller.  The text proceeds to insult the girl for “pretending” to be a nerd, usually calling her a … Continue reading

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Female tropes that really aren’t that cry-worthy

Having been raised on video games, I’ve seen my fair share of tropes involving female characters and female gamers.  While there are plenty of claims to offense I agree with, there are some scenarios I do not take so seriously. … Continue reading

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Abusive Themes Toward Women in Video Games and Comics

So I have been playing the new Tomb Raider lately, which is just one reason I have not had  an update in a while, and I could not help but to think back to before the game’s release.  There was … Continue reading

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