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Might and Magic X : Steam Pre-Release

I have made mention of an all time favorite game series of mine called Might and Magic in this previous post.  Since then a pre-release of a new title to the series has been made available on Steam.  This pre-release … Continue reading

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The “Creatures” PC Series

“Creatures” is an older series of games in which creatures known as norns are given to you to take care of.  By taking care of them, you will see to it that they live their lives healthily and breed the … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Ashamed To Sim

The Sims, and all of its numerous consecutive releases, is the butt of many “fake gamer” jokes.  These jokes are often times aimed toward women as part of the “fake gamer girl” argument.  Since The Sims, a very successful and … Continue reading

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Upcoming MMORPG: The Repopulation

I am a big fan of sci fi and sandbox style games, so I can honestly say that I have never been more excited for an MMORPG’s release in almost a decade.  The Repopulation promises a large, complex crafting system, … Continue reading

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Memories from MMOs IV: Encountering Imperials as a Rebel in PvP. (SWG)

This never ended well.  Well, actually, it did.  I loved to PvP in SWG.  If the game was still live, it’d still be my go-to game for true world PvP. I fondly recall the attitudes of Imperials I had defeated, … Continue reading

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Female tropes that really aren’t that cry-worthy

Having been raised on video games, I’ve seen my fair share of tropes involving female characters and female gamers.  While there are plenty of claims to offense I agree with, there are some scenarios I do not take so seriously. … Continue reading

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Abusive Themes Toward Women in Video Games and Comics

So I have been playing the new Tomb Raider lately, which is just one reason I have not had  an update in a while, and I could not help but to think back to before the game’s release.  There was … Continue reading

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