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My Mother’s Health, and a Small Origin Story

My mother has been diagnosed, partially, with necrotic liver abscesses.  The infection has been unresponsive to antibiotics, and the bacteria has been difficult to culture.  This is a painful and slow process for my mother as she goes on week … Continue reading

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The Indianapolis Star “Pets at Risk” Articles and The AVMA Response

I read the Indianapolis Star articles on “Pets at Risk” and the AVMA’s response, and after doing some more research, I am disappointed in the AVMA. Their response was emotional and although they accused the Indianapolis Star article of not … Continue reading

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Stop Telling Young Women to “Remain Pure”

What you are really saying when you suggest that women should wait until marriage to have sex because it keeps her “pure”: You’re worthless if you’ve had sex. You’re worthless even if the sex was forced on you.  Purity lost! You … Continue reading

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An Appeal for Doctor Strange’s Marriage

It is no secret that fans of Dr. Strange are feeling quite unnerved by the way the character has been written in current comics.  Seemingly out of no where, Dr. Strange fell from grace, and not just from his title … Continue reading

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Ferrets are freaking adorable.

If you don’t have a ferret, that’s okay, because I have two, and I took a bunch of pictures and video for you to enjoy. Ferrets do EVERYTHING with their WHOLE HEARTS. They are amazed by SO MUCH. They will … Continue reading

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Waking Up With My Cat

I love animals.  I have two ferrets, two cats, and a young fahaka puffer.  I was so heartbroken when my last fahaka puffer fish died while in the process of moving into a new apartment that I cried for days. … Continue reading

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The choice to not have children is not a result of immaturity

Children.  When the stork delivers them to your door, he also arrives with a two ton shipment of responsibility, with little gift wrapped packages of love, growth, and happiness scattered about.  For me, there simply are not enough positives in … Continue reading

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