Walking the cat known as Jango

My name is Chelsea Drew. I grew up in North Texas, though I have moved several times to other locations in the United States. From an early age I enjoyed exercising my imagination with story telling and entertaining it with video games. The first game I remember spending an over abundance of time on was Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. I still have fond memories of the Star World and all the colored Yoshis I aimed to collect.

My love for video games grew with me. My favorite series include, but are not limited to, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, and The Legend of Zelda. I have played numerous other console games alongside them, but ever since I discovered the world of online gaming I have been even more hooked to MMOs. In fact, most of my current friends come from various online video game communities I have participated in over the years.


My first MMO/MMORPG was a game called Legends of Kesmai. It was offered through AOL and Gamestorm almost fifteen years ago. I had to use AOL to play it, and unlike Gamestorm’s subscription based hook-up, AOL charged around $3 an hour spent on the game. At twelve years old I managed to unknowingly accumulate a $600 bill through AOL’s edition of Legends of Kesmai. Fortunately my parents were understanding in the fact that AOL’s hidden charges were complete and utter craziness in the first place!

Totally worth $600?

After Legends of Kesmai was pulled offline, most players went to Ultima Online. I did not have as easy of a time there. Twelve year olds were prime ganking targets in the old days of UO and I was no exception. I came back to it years later, after experiencing games such as Anarchy Online. Oh, the stories I could tell from both of those games… and I will, eventually.

I picked up Guild Wars when it first came out and completely avoided the World of Warcraft bandwagon. I remember trying WoW early on and not feeling very attached to its original gameplay, but enjoying the ease and partial solitude of Guild Wars. Later I would find my biggest time waster, Star Wars Galaxies. It was there that I discovered my taste for PvP combat and rediscovered my intrigue for open world sandbox MMORPGs. I do miss the game, but interestingly enough I met the love of my life in a roundabout way through Star Wars Galaxies toward the end of its run. As SWG died, my life flourished.

After the death of SWG, my husband and I began to play Star Wars The Old Republic in hopes that another Star Wars game would take its place. That plan failed. We redirected our attention to games like All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, and Guild Wars 2.

Comic Book Fandom

I have been a fan of Marvel comics for as long as I can remember. I first saw Iron Man on a FOX Kids program as a cartoon and attempted to read his comic books as a child. They were far too advanced for me at the time and instead I took to the X-men. While I enjoy the X-Men, I think that my favorite Marvel team is The Exiles. The Soviet Super Soldiers are also an obscure favorite.

My favorite characters are Darkstar, Blink, Colossus, Domino, Namora, Doctor Strange, Clea, Iron man, Magik, and Multiple Man. My favorite villain characters are Dormmamu, Baron Ordo, Fin Fang Foom, and Nightmare. Judging by that list you can assume I spent a lot of time with Doctor Strange books.

Random Bits of My Life

For a very long time I have lead an ailment plagued life. A rare disease known as Porphyria is the center point of my illness. In league with Porphyria is a recurring heart condition that has been operated on once before. However, after a few scares and a complete change in my lifestyle, I have managed to gain more control over these issues. I attribute this success to the care and attention of my husband, who taught me to care for myself at least as much as I cared for my PvP gear.

Despite these illnesses, I have worked as a print ad and commercial model. I always loved makeup and dressing up, so modeling was something I was very into. It was always very awkward to explain to the acquaintances I often ended up working with that going to clubs and bars was not my thing. Instead, I told them about my favorite comic books and video games.

These days I strive to keep myself healthy with a mostly organic diet, gym fitness, and an overall  happy environment. This environment includes animals such as this one:

Moby. Without ye I shan’t have a fuzzy to cuddle.


3 Responses to About

  1. Fluffy Tufts says:

    Love your outfit! (and your cat 🙂 )

  2. Josh says:

    Hi, your blog seems really cool. You seem like you might be the sorta person interested in playing an oldskool, hard-as-nails MMORPG called Faldon. We’re looking for new players at the moment, it would be great if you could join us or even better still give it a try and let your readers know about it! I would say it’s close to Ultima Online, Everquest & maybe even Runescape but was established 1996 so it has that mid-nineties charm to it.
    The official website (which stinks a little) is http://www.faldonrpg.com and our new community is based on Reddit (www.reddit.com/r/Faldon)

    Hope to see you in game some time! Peace, Josh.

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