Ferrets are freaking adorable.

If you don’t have a ferret, that’s okay, because I have two, and I took a bunch of pictures and video for you to enjoy.


You will find them sleeping in your undies.


They will play dead and it will be precious.


You can bathe them.


And it will be adorable.


They WILL devise escape plans.

Ferrets do EVERYTHING with their WHOLE HEARTS.

They are amazed by SO MUCH.

They will help you with your daily chores.

They are so compact and cute.

(I enjoyed the wine, she enjoyed the bag.)

They will strive to undo all your hard work of keeping them clean and your heart will melt.

Chances are, if you own any cat toys, you also own the best ferret toys ever.

They will steal stuff and they will hoard it somewhere.  Really, they’re just very smart preppers.  I mean, how are they not to know when the kibble apocalypse will happen?

They will make the best frenemies out of your Furby.

There are not many negatives to owning a ferret.  If you do not leave valuable items laying around on the floor (*ahem*, kar keys), can take the time to litter train them, and have always wanted to install cable/cord management in your home anyway (Seriously, you’ve thought about fixing that mess of wires under your desk already), they’re great pets.  Check out a ferret rescue!

…Though, there was that one time I had spent roughly 3 hours modding my Skyrim game and finally got around to playing it. Right in the middle of this awesome crit-kill scene in which my archer was executing a bandit, the power to my computer shut off.  My fluffy white ferret was sitting on the reset button on the surge protector.  Said surge protector is now mounted underneath my desk.

But, how can you stay mad at faces like these?

But, how can you stay mad at faces like these?

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