My Wedding, June 29th 2013

On June 29th, 2013, the Force was with my husband and I as we wed in civil matrimony.  Our cake toppers, pictured above, were that of Jango Fett and a twi’lek dancer from Jabba’s palace (Lyn Me in specific).  Since Mike and I first met as a result of a mutual playing of Star Wars Galaxies, and we both loved our Star Wars characters, we chose these action figures.  My character was a pale twi’lek, much like Lyn Me, and his a Mandalorian like Jango Fett.


(Bonus nerd knowledge:  Despite our rendition of the action figures’ love to signify that of our own, in true Star Wars canon Jango is both too old and too decapitated for Lyn Me.  However, she is absolutely enthralled with his son, Boba Fett.  After Boba saved her and several other children from a burning building when she was a child, Lyn Me mistook the ruthless bounty hunter for a hero and shaped much of her life around the image of Heroic Boba Fett.  She grew up to be a dancer so that she could travel the galaxy, and upon hearing that Boba Fett is sometimes at Jabba’s Palace, she took the dangerous job of being one of Jabba’s dancers on Tatooine just so she could see Boba again.  Jango Fett was dead long before she was even born!)


For my wedding, I wanted my nerdy interests to be subtle accents rather than the focal point of the event.  I love the images of fully themed weddings and they look like such a blast, but  for me, I wanted the wedding to represent my husband and I in a bigger picture.  So, we kept the theme simple but elegant in the light of art deco, then surprised guests with a few details such as cutting the cake to The Cantina Song played in the Mos Eisley Cantina, and force choking members of the wedding party.


If I look awkwardly dangerous with a knife, it’s because I am.

My good friend, Damion, who carried a bridesmaid bouquet and subsequently caught my bouquet, being force choked.

Before the ceremony, I spent some time doing my own makeup while drinking an adequate amount of wine.  I remember wearing my Mandalorian/Fett clan symbol shirt from Her Universe that day, just to keep myself inspired.  While I did my makeup, my cousin wrestled with my hair.



Mike talked me out of having the Celebration Song (From the part where the ewoks are dancing at the end of Return of the Jedi, or better known to former SWG players as “That damn ewok love song”) play as we exited after the ceremony.  Instead, we left to the song “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  I love this song, especially the lyrics “They don’t love you like I love you“.

Family photo after the ceremony. Kissing my husband is much easier when I am wearing 6 inch heels.

Then we had our first dance to the song “June Hymn” by The Decemberists.  I had only heard of The Decemberists before, but after actually listening to their music I must say that I have a great appreciation for it.

The wedding took place in Lynchburg, Virginia at West Manor Estate.  The photographer responsible for these amazing shots is Allegra’s Studio.  The cake was created by La Bella Torte, made to have a clean cut art deco look with little patches of galaxy themed colors.  The decorative arrangements were put together by Petal Flower Company, also in art deco fashion with elegant white flowers and feathers.  Here are a few favorites.

With my mom and dad, the two responsible for bringing balance to the force.

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  1. Lady Artmer says:

    OMG! What an awesome wedding!!


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