Why I write about feminism in nerd culture

I have received a lot of feedback, commentary, and inquiries about some of the subject matter regarding feminism.  Most of it has been positive and I have enjoyed the discussions I have had with some readers.  Occasionally I get asked why I bother to write about anything related to feminism, and sometimes it becomes clear to me that my message has been misconstrued.

Since my ideas and stances on subjects I’ve written about are rarely black and white, I think some people have a hard time understanding what I mean.  It seems that balance is not always easy to relate with.

Feminism:  What it means to me, why I sometimes write about it

Feminism: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.  This is what feminism has always meant to me.  It is not about fighting to make the female gender surpass the male gender in power.  It is about equality.  I write about experiencing nerd culture as a woman because it is an angle I am familiar with.  I emphasize the importance of feminism in this subculture because there is a serious issue regarding a lack of equality for women participating in it.

This does not mean that I do not acknowledge the struggles boys and men face when it comes to stereotypes.  After all, the nerd culture has bred some very awful stereotypes about us as a whole, so I try to be very open minded when I express my views on things such as harassment, stalking, gender oppression, slut-shaming, victim blaming, stereotypes, gay-bashing, and image displacement.  I do not write from a perspective of a man’s on this blog because I am not one, and that is not my experience.

I have had people tell me that feminism itself is not important because the one true way to be is ‘humanist’.  While I completely agree with treating everyone equally as human beings, I cannot agree with the notion that feminism is not important when it supports the overlying idea of equality.  Being a feminist and supporting human equality is not mutually exclusive.  Human Equality is the main category, and movements such as feminism, anti-racism, and sexuality equality are its subcategories.  Striking one of these subcategories out does not help you achieve human equality, now does it?

There are some ideas that feminists express that I disagree with and I am sure there are things I write that they would disagree with, too.  I enjoy understanding others and learning their reasons for disagreement.  After all, I have always been about bringing balance to the force.

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