Don’t Be Ashamed To Sim

The Sims, and all of its numerous consecutive releases, is the butt of many “fake gamer” jokes.  These jokes are often times aimed toward women as part of the “fake gamer girl” argument.  Since The Sims, a very successful and complex simulation game, does not qualify as a “real game” to many gamers, when a woman admits to playing The Sims you can expect a plethora of forum posts in response calling her out as a fake.

Look at how unrealistic this image is.  That girl probably doesn't even REALLY like video games.

Ugh, how completely unrealistic.  She’s probably not even a real gamer chick.

Seem stupid?  Well, it is, and it is a minor pet peeve of mine to see women scrutinized for their choice of games simply because they are in fact women.  While males get the same treatment for expressing their like of games like The Sims, they are more likely to be exempt of the “fake gamer” argument to follow.  This attitude is silly and just another one of the many ways some people try to alienate others from the gaming community, so I am here to tell you why Simmers deserve some love.

Dedication.  Players of The Sims learn it and honor it.

  • They collect new expansions whenever possible the same way you collect new DLC.
  • They will wait the entire 10-20 minutes it takes them to fully load a game from desktop to play mode.  Sort of like how you will wait to browse through open games and deliberate on which one to join, then wait to reconnect after a lag spike takes you out.
  • They will spend as much time on one save game as you spend in games like Skyrim.
  • By The Watcher, they will figure out how to get that mod to work.
  • Just like any other PC gamer wanting to keep up with the times, Sim gamers know the importance of upgrading their systems, and many will go great lengths to achieve their quality standard of play. (Or at least they find out really quick, because The Sims 3 can be a memory and system intensive game regardless of the misleading system requirements!)
Little did my Sim know that after being abducted and having the best party of his life on that spaceship he would end up pregnant and then with child.  This got in the way of his quality of play so he made sure to take care of the problem...

Let’s just say that ending up pregnant and with child after a wild night on an alien spaceship got in the way of his quality of play…

Innovation and Creativity

  • Players of The Sims will spend a lot of in game time building incredible houses, parks, businesses, entire landscapes, and even piecing together their Sims one minute detail at a time.  You have to admit The Sims allows for a lot of creativity and that is one thing that can always use some respect.  After all, if you can boast of your creative strategies in taking down an opponent on whatever flavor of the month combat game you are playing, it’s perfectly fair for a Simmer to boast a bit about their accomplishments, too!
  • Multitasking capability.  Simmers have it.  They will find a way to get their Sims to juggle maintaining their gigantic garden, a superstar reputation track, a climb to the top of their career tracks, their needy moodlets, and their budgeting all the while keeping their baby from being picked up by the Child Sim Protective Service.
  • Creative problem solving.  Simmers often find themselves developing this ability just by playing the game, or sometimes just by having to fix something EA failed to make work correctly for them.  Either they are figuring out how to make their third story balcony have a floating appearance over an in-ground pool with a built in aquarium and bubble lights, or they are figuring out how to rig that one bugged object into functioning without causing all visiting Sims to simultaneously strip and catch on fire.
  • Modding is a big deal in The Sims community.  Some of the mods players have come up with are incredible, and there are so many to choose from!
I can't say the same about creative building and decorating for myself, so this is the life many of my sims.

I can’t say the same about creative building and decorating for myself, so this is the life many of my sims.

If you still look down on the game for not being hardcore enough of a title, just take into consideration that not every game needs head-exploding action to be considered among the gaming community as a viable title.  Some people claim The Sims is simply too easy of a game and that is why they do not take it seriously, but in my experience the game’s difficulty actually scales very well with how you wish to play, giving you that awesome sandbox feeling.  Regardless, shaming someone for his/her love of games like The Sims and alienating them from the video gaming community is just petty altogether, especially when you consider how much you may actually have in common with their gaming habits.

After all, the love/hate relationship gamers have with other EA titles is something that many can relate with!  I am still waiting on them to get a grip on their login servers for Need For Speed: World’s Most Wanted.

Bad EA, bad!

Bad EA, bad!

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2 Responses to Don’t Be Ashamed To Sim

  1. Lady Artmer says:

    I completely agree with you. Playing Sims is very difficult in some ways, you have so much to do, sometimes you can’t even handle it.
    I’ve been a Sims fan since I was like 12 years old, and I think I’ll always be. Right now I don’t have it installed, but you made me want to replay it!

    • Chelsea says:

      I remember the first Sims game. My mom pointed it out to me and at first I scoffed at her, thinking I was such a cool 12 year old. I got it anyway, played it, then fell in love with it. I’ve been hooked ever since!

      It’s true though, in Sims 3 handling more than 1 mult-tasking Sim can get crazy!

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