Upcoming MMORPG: The Repopulation

I am a big fan of sci fi and sandbox style games, so I can honestly say that I have never been more excited for an MMORPG’s release in almost a decade.  The Repopulation promises a large, complex crafting system, PvP action, player housing and city establishments with plenty of customization, a pet system, three factions, unique lore, skill oriented combat, mission pulling, and roleplay elements.

The Repopulation is the only upcoming MMORPG that, to me, truly looks promising as a whole.  While the plethora of re-skinned WoW mimicries out there may be fun for a few minutes, it is the open ended sandbox games that hook me and keep me as an active player.  I see classic elements of Star Wars Galaxies in this game, and while that is the game The Repopulation is most compared to, I also note comparable aspects from Anarchy Online in its sci-fi visuals.  The housing placement and customization also reminds me of the freedom Ultima Online gave you so many years ago, but in a much more modern way of handling it.

I am not the type to get this hyped over a game since I’ve been playing MMORPGs before even Ultima Online, so lots of new releases do not interest me even if I give them a go.  When I see phrases in new title trailers like “INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY” and “GROUNDBREAKING NEW COMBAT SYSTEM” it translates in my head as “SAME AMOUNT OF GRIND, DIFFERENT COMBINATION OF CLICKS” and “NOW INTEGRATED WITH A FINICKY DODGE SYSTEM”.  So, this is my way of telling you that The Repopulation deserves some real attention.

 One look around the Game Features section and the forums of The Repopulation’s website and you immediately get the impression that the developers know exactly what they are aiming for, and that is the product they are going to bring to you.  I won’t gush about all of the details of The Repopulation since the creators have done such a wonderful job of outlining its features on the website.  (Isn’t that nice, you know, for once to hit “enter website” and find actual detailed information about the game instead of the stereotypical “Here are your playable races, a little bit of watered down lore, and a video of a dude swinging a sword around”?)  If you like what you see, support it, and I would love to see you in game upon its release!

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One Response to Upcoming MMORPG: The Repopulation

  1. Armide says:

    Oh man, this looks fantastic. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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