Memories: Online Role-play

As we know, MMORPG means “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game”.  Many people play MMORPGs for all sorts of different reasons, but one key element to each of these games is the “RP” factor.  Are you taking on an avatar and enacting its actions in a virtual world?  Yes.  Therefore, on some level, everyone who logs into these games is a role-player on some level.

This is the argument I have given my PvP-oriented friends when they gave me flak for my RP.  Typically they had no idea that I liked to go pretend to be a twi’lek in a galaxy far, far away while playing my Star Wars Online video game, and when they found out that I was one of “those” types they were confused.  On one hand, they actually liked me and thought I was one bad-ass competitive player.  On the other hand, the new found knowledge of my RP habits left them with a sour taste in their gullets.

To me, it was all the same, really.  I never wanted to RP for weird, overly taboo reasons.  For example, I never went searching for someone to RP a nasty one night stand with my alien spy carbineer and their sith lord.  I just enjoyed the little bit of writing I got to do in a collaborative method with those around me, especially while playing the game.

Damnit, alien-bunny. I told you to flank from the east, not head on. That’s an AT-AT, you lovable little dead fluff!

No, sir, I will not participate (seriously) in naughty shenanigans!

Even if your sullustan is just so attractive in that exotic leotard. Thank you, dirty sullustan dancer lady, for the buff you gave me that day resulted in the deaths of many evil Imperial troopers.

Because I try to view myself, in character, as just that–a character.  A part of a story.  A reason to imagine, have fun, collaborate, and make the most of my time gaming.

Maybe I’m a rogue twi’lek assassin, master of the carbine and charm.

Maybe I’m an innocent, harmless twi’lek with a love of Endor fauna. Like this little turtle.

Or maybe, I should stop hiding the fact that I’m ruthless inside and outside the game, roleplay or not. My keyboard is stained with the blood of my enemies. May this Imperial trooper rest in roleplay peace.

Regardless, I think that RP is a good thing when handled in balance.  Like every habit a human can have, when taken out of balance it becomes a problem.  Trust me, I have met many people so obsessed with role-play that I could not imagine what their real lives were like.

But, where does one start when they get into RP?  These days I realize that many people actually start on MMORPGs, like WoW, GW2, The Perfect World, and The Secret World.  I remember there being RP on Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies (where most my screenshots came from), and Anarchy Online.  However, I started on AOL in a text based environment.  I fondly recall how horrible I was at writing back then.

It’s that recollection that leads me to share this memory with you:  The beginning of my writing hobby.  I played Claire Redfield from Resident Evil game.  I sincerely feel for everyone around me as I took this precious time to slowly–very slowly–learn the difference between in character and out of character.  Here is a rundown on how it went back in the old days of AOL relevancy and its chat rooms:

You have entered Arts and Entertainment – Resident Evil 2 RPG.

XClareRedfieldX: ;:clare walks into racoon city:: has any1 seen my brother chris
XClareRedfieldX: chris redfield?
LeonSKendy: Claire! ::he runs up to her:: Are you ok?
XClareRedfieldX: um yes lol left my modorcycle here ::picks up modorcycle on side of street shotting zombies in the head same time::
LeonSKendy: We should get to the RPD.
XClareRedfieldX: lets go
LeonSKendy: ::starts his squad car and drives to the police department, avoiding zombies on the way::
XClareRedfieldX: ::does a weelie off a zombies head its brains exploding she keeps driving and drives off the back of leons cop car landing in front of the police department doors:; we made it
LeonSKendy: ::gets out and lets Claire in:: We will be safe here.
XClareRedfieldX: ::walks in looking at the statue in teh lobby:: weird
LeonSKendy: Yeah.  Claire, I’ve been meaning to tell you something…
XClareRedfieldX: ill handle this ::takes out shotgun and shots tyrant as he jumps off balcony trying to decrapitate leon but not before she shots it in the head killing it::
LeonSKendy: Um, yeah.  So I have feelings for you…
XClareRedfieldX: ok
LeonSKendy: So what do you think?
XClareRedfieldX: lets do this
LeonSKendy: What?
XClareRedfieldX: ::puts in keycode at comp terminal unlocking doors and reloads shotgun:: lets get the hell out of this dump
LeonSKendy: But my feelings…?
Nemmy7889: ::Nemesis enters the RPD:: STARS
LeonSKendy: (Ugh this is RE2 RPG…  get your games right.)
XClareRedfieldX:: u said stars, u know my brother?  chris?  chris redfield?
LeonSKendy: (Claire, have you even played RE3 yet?)
XClareRedfieldX: ((no lol geting it for christmas i think)0
LeonSKendy: (Nemesis is a big monster, he doesn’t talk to people.)
XClareRedfieldX: (k))
XClareRedfieldX: :;shots nemmy in the head shotgun then takes bowgun out and shoting him at least 40 more times:
Nemmy7889: ::Roars and charges Claire going slower with each shot::
LeonSKendy: (Okay… how does Claire keep all of this weaponry?  And why is Nemesis here?)
XClareRedfieldX: (((inventory box,save room))
LeonSKendy: (That’s only in the game… you can’t just RP that, it doesn’t make sense.)
Nemmy7889: (( Leon’s a bitch character.  Nemesis 4 life. ))
LeonSKendy: (Excuse me?)
XClareRedfieldX: ::reloads running back and holding shotgun up blasting nemmy 8 more times::
Nemmy7889: STARS ::falls over dead… for now.  Muahahaha!::
XClareRedfieldX: saved ur life leon, now lets go find my brother chris
XClareRedfieldX: chris redfield
LeonSKendy: (I feel like you’ve played the games and you get the basic understanding but..nevermind.  Would you rather me just play Chris?)
XClareRedfieldX: ((dude u seen him?))
LeonSKendy: (….)

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  1. brian says:

    ah the memories.

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