Memories from MMOs Part III: The Yacht (Star Wars Galaxies)

Star Wars Galaxies

A long time ago, in an MMO far far away, players were awarded space yachts.  These space yachts, while cool looking and expansive, became the stereotype ship for creepers.  It was not uncommon to find people participating in less-than-Disney-friendly behaviors on their yachts.  So, when a person invited you onto their yacht, a red flag was issued:  this person may be a weirdo.

One day, though, my guild and I decided to tempt fate and accept the request of one possible weirdo.  After visiting the Mos Eisley cantina to get a buff from one of the many man-in-real-life scantily clad entertainers (Hey, anything for the sake of making myself better in PvP!), I received a private message from a name I had never seen before.

Tenod: hello, would you like to come onto my yacht?

Immediately I knew what kind of proposition this was and so my initial response was to ignore it, but then I thought  “My guild is online and we are all getting ready to go PvP, but I am sure we can buy some time messing with this guy”.  So we did.  And it was good.

Here you can see “Tenod”, the fellow creeper who propositioned random women for yacht-based cyber relations. Upon realizing that he had invited a group made up primarily of men, who were then approaching him, he began to lay down the law. The Straight as an Arrow Creeper’s Law.

Unable to cope with the fact that he had invited a full group of people, most of which had masculine genitals, he landed the yacht and forced us off of it.  That was not the end for Tenod, though.  He was much more persistent than expected.  Instead of just accepting his defeat, he proceeded to message me and ask me to bring female friends instead, so…

The aforementioned males returned wearing “Princess Leia Costumes”, something SWG offered as little storytelling perks.

P.S.  Forgive my awfully dressed twi’lek.  I would dress obnoxiously so that it was funny in player-versus-player combat.  Think of this terribly dressed, tiny twi’lek with a giant pet torton named Blastoise being the source of group healing.

Tenod caught on quick this time.

As you can see, Tenod was not convinced that the Princess Leia Costumes counted.

Again, this was not the end.  After I explained that no one was actually going to go onto his yacht with him and that we were just messing with him, he still sent messages to me, begging for me to participate with him on his yacht.  Even after further rejection, he attempted to “sway” me with grotesque sexual commentary.  This lead to this little gem…

A friend at the time helped track down Tenod’s yacht in space, then approached him with this message.  Enlarge to see.  “<Comm> Craft this is Alliance A-Wing Crusader 7, please land as we have heard you have a known rapist on board.”

SWG was a hilariously fun game.  I promise, Disney, if you bring this game back I will never accompany another person onto a yacht ever.

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3 Responses to Memories from MMOs Part III: The Yacht (Star Wars Galaxies)

  1. Señor S. says:

    I have a different oppinion. I remember this game as being a pain in the rear and PVP wasn’t as great as other games, but still, it was SW, so, fuck it. Good memories.

    • Chelsea says:

      Lots of people shared that opinion since the game wasn’t nearly as accessible or smooth-playing as something like WoW. Then again there were people that played SWG just to craft, so it was all about finding your niche. As you can see, Tenod found his niche in space yachts. =)

  2. Kraagar of Bria says:

    Please sign a petition to bring back SWG. It’s a long shot, and there is a long way to go to the needed 50,000 people, but just..maybe…

    Website =

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