Resident Evil Characters: Albert Wesker and Jake Muller

Wesker, the former main villain of the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil 6 came out early this month and in terms of the Resident Evil storyline, the main villain of the series has been dead since the last installment. Instead of seeing Albert Wesker himself, we see a new character named Jake Muller, who is actually Jake Wesker. What we know about Jake is that he is Wesker’s son, and he apparently was not conceived in a lab as previously theorized. This detail struck me as refreshing since it breathes some new light into Albert Wesker as a character. Instead of leaving him as a villain completely incapable of typical human interaction, we see the possibility of Wesker having another side to him in his past.

Us Wesker fans are always looking for more information about the guy, and yet Resident Evil 6 adds even more mystery to Wesker by revealing more about him. To me, this is good storytelling, especially for a game series that makes most of its money off of cheesy plots and simplicity. It is also good storytelling for insuring returning customers. I know I’ll be buying the next installment, not only because I enjoy playing Resident Evil, but I really want to find out more!

Wesker’s son, Jake. Not too shabby, huh?

Here is a collection of files in Resident Evil 6 concerning Jake and Wesker:


Jake Muller is a 20-year-old professional mercenary under the employ of rebel forces in Edonia. Despite his youth, his combat experience is quite high, and his survival skills are quite formidable.

His cynicism creates an unapproachable aura, and even his fellow mercenaries consider him to be moody and distant. The only thing he trusts in this world is cold, hard cash, and he has no time for the concerns of others. He is the consummate mercenary, selling his services to the highest bidder without any concern for the ideologies of the groups that employ him.

While Sherry was investigating Jake, she talked with some mercenaries who remembered him. Here is what one of them had to say.

“Jake Muller? Yeah, I remember him.

We were together a lot back in Edonia. Not a very nice guy, but not exactly bad. But he’s like me–money is everything. Being nice doesn’t make you money. We’re killers without consciences and that means we just do our job without thinking about if it’s “nice” or not. Jake especially seemed to have that tendency. But that’s pretty much all we have to do with each other.

Why? Is he your boyfriend or something? You’re a pretty brave little girl coming to a place like this to chase a guy like that. He’s not your boyfriend? Then what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at school? Sorry, you just look really young.

Here, you look like you’ve been through a lot; why don’t you come over to my place and rest up? Come on, I’m not gonna hurt ya! Hey, wait–come back! What’s the problem? Shit…”


So Jake’s set up to be a badass, no surprise there, and carries the mercenary-for-money trope we have already seen before in Resident Evil 3 with the UBCS Squad. At first glance, Jake does not seem to be a very interesting character, but playing further into the game discounts what could have easily been a drab story. Unlike the dialogue between Leon and Helena in Leon’s campaign, Jake’s campaign contains interesting snippets of banter that are actually witty and funny. At one point Jake comments on America, and Sherry defends the country. At other points, Jake is clearly frustrated and likes to make sure everyone else knows. He is respectful of Sherry, but does not appreciate being ordered around either.



Jake Muller spent most of his teenage years as a mercenary, fighting on the front lines of countless conflicts the world over.

The first group of mercenaries he joined taught him everything he needed to know about armed and unarmed combat. His trainer was strict and demanding, but treated him almost like a son, and Jake found himself able to feel a sense of attachment to him, something he had only previously felt for his mother. Unfortunately, that mercenary was actually a double agent who sold out the whole unit.

After being betrayed by his father figure, Jake put his faith in the only person who had never let him down–himself. Any compassion in his heart was lost, and he drifted from war to war as a soldier of fortune.

Jake was 17 at the time. He and only one other person on the team survived the incident. Below is a testimony made by that other survivor.

“Yeah, I remember it.

About three years ago, we were in South America and our so-called captain was in bed with the enemy. We were surrounded before we knew it. We tried to fight, but there was just too many of ’em, so we started droppin’ like flies, one by one till it was just Jake and me.

They put away their guns–tryin’ to save ammo I guess–and came at Jake with knives. He was out of bullets, but he still stood his ground. Helluva thing to see; I couldn’t believe how strong and intense he was. But reinforcements came eventually and saved us at the last minute. The kid put up a good fight, but he was a mess because of the whole thing.

He don’t trust no one since then. I guess he really thought highly of that traitor.”


From this file we can tell that Jake is very strong and capable of a fighter, especially for being just 20 years old. Interestingly enough, Jake does not actually look that young. Now, the whole badass-young-fighter thing is very common in Japanese video games and animes, but in the case of Jake Muller, he may have more reason for it than simply being yet another character living out a ridiculously overplayed trope. Being the son of Albert Wesker means that he may have been born with “superior genetics”. This idea is not too far fetched if you’re aware of Wesker’s very long involvement with Umbrella and self-experimenting. However, Jake must have been born in 1993, which is before the first time we know Albert Wesker to have injected himself with a virus (1996-1997 — the first game).

This does not change the fact that Sherry is sent to retrieve Jake because his antibodies could lead to the cure of the C-Virus. So, he inherited superior antibodies from his father for one of two reasons: Wesker was genetically capable of handling the virus he injected himself with and therefore his bloodline is naturally stronger than others, and/or Wesker had been altering his genetics to handle the virus prior to Jake’s conception.



Jake Muller was born into a home without a father, and from an early age he had to support his chronically ill mother. She could have made a full recovery if the family could have afforded it, but Jake and Ms. Muller had barely enough money to cover their daily needs.

She tried her best to provide for the family, and did all she could to protect Jake. He loved his mother, but couldn’t understand why she was still enamored with his father, the man who had abandoned them. To say Jake didn’t think highly of his father would be an understatement.

When Jake got older, he decided he would become a mercenary, selling his services to the insurgents fighting the government. He had no love for politics; he just wanted to afford better medical care for his mother. Unfortunately, Ms. Muller passed away not long after he became a soldier of fortune.

Jake felt like he was alone in the world, and his heart was now hardened. His only concern was for money, even though he no longer had a pressing need for it.
His mother left a note for him next to her bed before she died.

“I love you, Jake. I’m so sorry to have to leave you like this. Please forgive me. And please, don’t hate your father. I’m sure he loves you and is thinking about you, and I know you two will find each other someday.
Stay strong.”



Mr. Simmons:

The mission to find the son of Albert Wesker has been completed. I have confirmed that Jake Muller is the biological son of Wesker.

Name: Jake Muller (Age 20)
Citizenship: Republic of Edonia
Physical Characteristics: Caucasian; 190cm; blue eyes

Has been in the employ of Edonian mercenaries for five years. Has trained or fought in all parts of Europe, the Middle East, and South America. A DNA sample from Muller proved his relationship to Wesker.

Wesker’s alleged immunity to viral infection has manifested itself in Muller. Unfortunately, the DNA sample I attained would not be enough to assist with C-Virus research. A bodily fluid, blood, saliva, or bone marrow sample would be required. It is my recommendation that you dispatch your top agent to secure a tissue sample from Muller.



I have confirmed that Jake Muller’s mother has died of illness. Details on her are scarce, but we learned that she was born in Edonia and immigrated to America in her early twenties, where she became pregnant with Albert Wesker’s child. She then returned to Edonia with Jake without telling Wesker of his birth.”


So we know that Wesker was not obviously involved in Jake’s life, which is not surprising considering how busy he was trying to destroy humankind as we know it. Also, the mother did not tell him, so whether or not Wesker ever knew is still in question. For some reason she seems to believe that Wesker is not such a bad guy and would actually care about his son, which is interesting considering she deliberately excluded him from his son’s birth. This is a very different aspect of Wesker from what we have experienced in previous installments of Resident Evil, but may tie into the fact that Wesker is one of the rare “good looking badass” villains who is actually not a womanizer. In Resident Evil 5, we see him coldly reject Excella’s advancements, and beyond that there is no evidence of him keeping a woman around for any other purpose than her scientific and business related capabilities. In fact, Ada Wong, a woman that worked for Wesker for several years, has only ever revealed being responsible for seducing the latest Resident Evil villain, Derek C Simmons. The idea of her and Wesker seems even further from realistic now.

This aspect of Wesker has always interested me. Many video game, anime, movie, and comic book villains who are good looking, strong, and generally considered as badasses also tend to be womanizers. Some of them are even rapists, yet still are upheld in fandoms that believe them to be attractive by female fans (such as Marvel’s Earth-616 Sabretooth). Wesker actually has zero sexuality on screen and now we discover he had a family at one point. While it does not redeem him from being a jerk that left a family behind, it does leave questions as to why. I suppose the next game involving Jake may explain this more!



Albert Wesker, father of Jake Muller, had a very rare physiology. His body was highly resistant to viral infection, and he was even able to manipulate the virus he had injected into himself so that he would only reap their benefits and none of its deleterious effects. This self-experimentation gave him abilities that can only be described as superhuman.

As Albert’s son, Jake enjoys the same immunity to viral infection. When Jake injects himself with a solution containing the C-Virus, it has no visible effect on him.

Albert Wesker planned what would have been the deadliest terrorist attacks in human history, and he would have succeeded had Chris Redfield and the BSAA not killed him in time.

Jake has never met his father and knows nothing about the atrocities he committed. He is also unaware of the genetic legacy he is heir to.

While Jake was being imprisoned in China, he wrote down his thoughts on a whim, including some thoughts on his father.

“It’s been about 2 months since being caught. I think I’ve started to pick up enough Chinese to know what some of these Neo-Umbrella guys are saying. They keep talking about my dad. I even heard the lady who gives out the nutritional supplements talk about him. I guess Albert Wesker really is my dad, and he really did try to kill everyone on the planet. Fuck.

I bet Sherry knows and that’s why she needs me. Why wouldn’t she tell me? Jesus Christ, my head hurts just thinking about it.”


Again, we are left wondering about Wesker’s viral experimentations.

Over all, I really enjoyed the character of Jake Wesker. Sherry’s return was also executed well. Both of them together made a great duo, much like their fathers together. Hopefully these new unanswered questions will be revealed in the next installments of Resident Evil, and I am not ashamed to ask for more of Jake.

Sources: Transcripted Resident Evil 6 Files obtained from

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3 Responses to Resident Evil Characters: Albert Wesker and Jake Muller

  1. Avalanna says:

    i love Jake Wesker and Albert Wesker SO MUCHH I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THEN

  2. wade91 says:

    I’ve found this in the wake of Resident Evil 6’s HD re-release on PS4 and even if this page is years old I’d like to say something, if only for posterity:

    This is a wonderful write-up, the first one I’ve ever read about Resident Evil 6 that *gets* the “deal” with Jake, even if the game has been out for 3 years.

    I am a huge fan of how Capcom decided to keep Wesker from becoming a cliche evil womanizer, because that’s such a misreading of him as a character since his very beginning (and RE Zero cement that: he’s “practical”, not just a cool guy who enjoys being the most handsome lad in the room) but with the Jake Muller revelation they reached new heights.

    Giving Wesker a family means that he’s not cold and detached for the sake of it, but for a *purpose*. The fact that he was, at some point, involved with someone enough to conceive a child puts his hostility towards people like Excella or Ada under a whole different light: it’s not that he isn’t capable of being attracted to someone, he just isn’t into *them* or interested in such distractions at that point. It’s so refreshing and unique to have a villain who is actually a person with a past rather than a bland mix of cool tropes.

    I also don’t think that he simply left Ms. Muller (and the son he did not know about) because that would at least imply some bitterness on her behalf that is nowhere to be found in the files. The weird fact that Ms. Muller seems genuinely still enamoured with Wesker just adds to the mystery and charm of this whole situation.

    I personally think that Jake could easily be one of the most interesting story threads of the saga going forward, and this piece seems to be the first I’ve found that understands that. Thank you.

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