Memories from MMOs Part II: The Unicorn

Ultima Online was one of the first open world MMOs I spent a lot of time on.  Other avid, early MMOGamers over the age of 25 can probably relate.  I remember discovering the vast world and game complexities with such awe.  To this day I still play because I appreciate how much you can do in that game.

One thing that game still has going for it is its taming system.  The only game I know of that came close to matching its complexities was Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies.  Each creature has a set of stats and characteristics.  For example, a giant beetle may have wrestling, magery, and poisoning.  This means that it fights hand to hand, can cast certain spells, and can poison an enemy.  It may not be a pack animal though, so it fights better alone.

This taming system drew me into making what I was convinced would be my best character ever:  A mage/tamer who rode a beautiful unicorn.  As a little girl, I loved unicorns, so discovering that they were in the game and served as viable mounts of female characters made me very happy.  I worked hard to acquire this creature.  This meant spending countless hours taming lesser creatures and working my way up the ladder.  Let’s just say that my tamer was a good friend to the entire polar bear population of ice island.

I cannot stress enough how obsessed I was with unicorns and ponies. Here is one of my favorite toys as a child, an original My Little Pony unicorn pony. This picture properly represents the inner glee I had about getting a unicorn in UO.

Finally, I had enough skill to try for a unicorn.  If I recall correctly, sometimes taming a creature and failing could make them angry, so I did a lot of running away from them only to come back and try again.  This went on for several hours one night, but I was determined.  All my hard work paid off when I successfully tamed a unicorn and triumphantly rode it back to the town of Skara Brae.

The ideal dream for me in UO.

Proud of my endeavor, I began to show off my unicorn to the people loitering about the bank and stables.  Keep in mind I was probably 14 years old.

Me: “look my unicorn”
Me: “pretty”
Me: ” finally got it”
Me: “it likes me”
Them: “That’s great…” [Meanwhile they are brandishing their much more powerful and rare tamed creatures such as Snow Wyrms]
Me: “yep how do i name it”

This is where it got bad.  A guy told me to follow him close to the stables so he could show me how to control my newly tamed unicorn.  I trusted him.

Him: “You have to release it to name it.”
Me: “huh? will i get her back?”
Him:  “Yes, just click release.  You have to tame it while it is named for you.”
Me: “oooh k” [Right clicks the creature and clicks release.]
Game: “A Unicorn decides it is better off without a master!” [Loud neighing]
Him: [Begins to attack the creature lightly] “Oh no!”
Him: “GUARDS!”
Game: “A guard appears.” [An NPC guard teleports to the unicorn and a giant lightning strike can be seen.  The unicorn falls dead at my feet.]
Me: “hey”
Me: “what”
Me: “he killed her”
Him: “Looks like your unicorn had rabies… sorry.”
Me: “u killed her”
Him: [Proceeds to carve the unicorn and remove two ribs from it, setting them on the ground.]
Him: [Then rides off on his horse, disappearing from my screen.]
Me: [Left with the unicorn corpse and its carved ribs at my feet.]
Me: [Holds back tears IRL.]

The reality of how my unicorn ended up.

And now we know what conditioned me to be so terrible to the GM in Anarchy Online about The Shopkeep.

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