Old MMOs — Still Worth Playing?

The more the MMO industry progresses, the more the MMOs age. With age comes death. Some MMOs defy this rule, while others fizzle and die. The list of popular, and often times niche, MMOs that are now extinct continues to grow with the addition of City of Heroes/City of Villains, a comic book lover’s favorite. Also among this growing list are games such as Star Wars Galaxies, Tabula Rasa, The Matrix Online, and even The Sims Online.

In an industry where the biggest and the most-subscribed seem to survive, there are still a few games that manage to hold onto server space. Games like Ultima Online (15 years) and Anarchy Online (11 years) still thrive despite lacking an influx of constant new subscribers to keep them afloat. But, why would anyone play games like these? After all, their graphics are outdated by a decade and their combat systems feel much different than more popular MMOs out there.  Many MMO-gamers I talk to consider these games as old, dead, and irrelevant.  I argue that they are least anything but irrelevant.

Maybe I’m just a little old fashioned when it comes to video games; I don’t always mind when graphics are sub-par and I certainly could care less if there are amazing cutscenes and/or voice acting in an MMO so long as there is actual content and intriguing gameplay. So, allow me to point out a few reasons why playing an older MMO is worth it:

  •  Usually, older MMOs like Ultima Online require very little CPU and are the furthest thing from heavy on your graphics card. This means you can definitely run older MMOs without worrying about your investment going to waste. Furthermore, you can alt-tab from them and run other games at the same time, while leisurely checking your progress in the background.
  • – Older MMOs have a lot of history and it can be very interesting. Check out an older MMO like Ultima Online or Anarchy Online to see where the roots of a current MMO you are playing come from.
  • Do you like browser games or even Facebook games? Have you put any real money toward advancing in one of your browser games? If so, it may be more lucrative to play something like Ultima Online. The minimal system resources it takes on your computer make it comparitive to recent browser games, and instead of dropping undetermined amounts of cash for specific items, you could end up paying less for a subscription.
  • Community! Older MMOs tend to have a more “giving” community. They want to see their game thrive and so new players are very welcome.
  • Content, content, content. The longer the game has been out, the more opportunity for content. This adds to complexity.

You never know the hidden gems you may find in a game you would have never otherwise given a second glance!

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