Obligatory Cat Post

It seems that lots of nerds these days own cats.  Maybe it’s because we don’t have to take them out into the sunlight and walk them, or maybe the trend has been triggered by internet cat meme popularity.  I like all animals, but I’ve owned more cats than anything else.  Here are a few pictures of them.


This kitty is named Jango–after the bounty hunter, yes.


“WHAT’S YOUR BUILD?!!” Jango cries as she watches me try to play the original Guild Wars with her in front of my screen.


This one is Starbuck, my boyfriend’s cat. I believe she was named after the BSG character.


Here’s Moby, the most recent kitty addition. He models for the photoshop version of him.

Moby hangs out at my cosmetics vanity, begging for a makeover. Yes, that is an original Wicket Ewok stuffed animal in the background!


As you can see, I have a hobby of snapping pictures of my pets.  If you’re as entertained by cute fuzzies as I am, check out my “family” blog dedicated to pets: Animal Train.




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